Tell me its over.

Struggling in the sea of despair.

Crying over spilled blood.

Neck drawn in red lines.

Finger tips stained in innocence.

Pray that purgatory refuses me.

I smile and slip down.

Blurs of black attack.

Bluntly I grasp the figure.

Although it has no feeling to it.

Sing-song whispers.

Finish the assult you created.

Catching the culprit who stole my heart.

Red eyes stare into my soul.

Demonic heat waves burn my lips.

The need for my life is so great.

Pain is radiating out from your mouth.

My arms release your body.

Harshly you slam my back against a wall.

Likely that tonight will end.

I shouldn't have walked down that alley.

You lick my throat, covered in blood.

Knowing that you would be here,

I ventured to see you.

When you came to me that one night.

I gave myself to you.

Blood and all.

Blond hair is blowing in the wind.

Symbolism doesn't mean much now.

A sharp pain shoots through my neck.

Your hands hold my neck in a strange angle.

Cold touch upon my cheek.

A sweet lullaby sings to me.

Warm waves of agony corse through my body.

Pleasantly painful.

Particullary my heart slowing down.

Desperatly pushing you away.

I give up as you only hold tighter.

Nothing is more beautiful.

Someone loosing their crimson life.

My vitality is now yours.

Licking your lips, you kiss me.

Metal teases my mouth.

I collapse to the ground, ready for hell to awaken again.

You turn around to walk away.

A tug pulls you around.

My smile startles you.


Staggering breath leaks out of my mouth.

Blue eyes of a sinner sparkles.

Now you understand me.

It wasn't an accident.

Finding you was a purpose.

Teaching you love.

Passion in teeth led you away from the light.

Carefully you lift me up.

Lightly your tongue laps the blood away.

Closing the wound.

My eyes twinkle at the feeling.

"Thank you."

You're demonic aura doesn't scare me.

It plays with my mind.

Black cradles me within it's arms.

My clothes whisp in the wind.

Protective of your new territory.

Avoiding the old alleys.

Where others like you lurk.

Suspiscions attack your deminior.

Tenebrous and moody.

My heart beats faster and faster.

Blood rushes to my head.

Gushing and playing inside my body.

My eyes run down to their lids.

"Sleep my sweet. Soon you will be mine forever in your dreams."

And dawn runs cold....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First of many... a facsination with the occult and the darkness that surrounds our culture...and damn proud of it...

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