I Want To Love You

I want to love you.

Love everything about you.

You kiss like heaven shines.

Your eyes are pools of gold and light brown.

Can't I steal you away?

Such a passion I've never felt.

Could it be love?

Let me follow you.

Even when adulthood calls your name.

I'm going to be right beside you.

Singing and laughing.

Childish love is all I can offer.

But it's a promise I can keep.

Let me love you.

Smiles and cheers.

Never ending compassion.

Make me yours forever.

I don't want to let anyone else claim me as theirs.

Sounds so much easier as yours.

No labels.

No tags.

Just yours.

Someone could steal me away.

Don't hesitate.

Love me and I'll love you.

Schools and miles aren't anything.

Distance can be over come.

Guess my eye color and I'll name your favorite song.

Let's drive away together.

Road trip into the distance.

Love on the go.

Dance with me at our final end.

Create miracles with me.

Live your life with me.

I want to love you.


Hold my hand and I'll hold yours.

Kiss me when my end is near.

Sing to me our favorite song.

If we have agreed on one by then.

"Let me love you...."

Don't be sad when I close my eyes to sleep.

It's only temporary until we see each other again.

I love you.

Always and Forever.

Love can over come anything.

So take my hand now.

Let's run away.

Let's kiss under the moon.

Holding each other so tight.

Fitting every curve and groove.

Passion tastes so sweet to me.

So... what do you say?

Let Me Love You.

I Want To Love You.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you. But I can't show it. It hurts to much.

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