Just a Toy

there is nothing left of me.

nothing inside of me.

i'm hollow.

a shell.

wiggly like jello.

molded to fit.

a toy.

a toy.

just a toy.

play with me.

i'm emptier then imaginable.

carved out with a knife.

blood on the carpets.

my heart's not beating.

what do i care?

take me.

make me yours.

i'm just a toy.

just a toy.

yes, i'm only a toy.

made to be used.


thrown out.

never seen again.

when your done, tell your mommy to throw me away.

bury me when i'm broken.

discard me.

the plastic made me look shiny and new.

but i'm still just a toy.

i'm only going to be a toy.

forever, just a toy.

you promised me you'd love me.

now i'm scarred and tattered.

rob me of my innocence.

my maker hates me too.

and i cry....

cuz i'm only a toy.

i'm just a toy.

and, i'll only be a toy for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm just a toy, and always will be, only a toy....

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