Nothing is more important to me.

Nothing means more then what I see.

Sometimes its hard to accept.

Sometimes its easy to forget.


A word so small.

But it means so much.

Never gave it a second thought.

By now I have them.

I have ones that love me.

Ones that are jealous of me.

Ones that can't stand when I hurt.

But they all care.

They all love me.

Such a small word.

Never meant so much until now.

When they hurt, I hurt.

When they laugh, I laugh.

We cry.

We smile.

We cherish each other.

And it should be,

It should be,

Yes it should be that way...

Because we all deserve happiness.

The chance to rejoyce with others.

So when you need a friend...

Remember that they are all around.

Don't mislead them.

Don't misstreat them.


One day they ain't gonna be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tonight I'm going to go out with friends, who never seem to let me live my sillyness down...

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