A Place That I Escape To

there is a place i go to,

but where it is i do not know.

how can i say i've been there,

when i have nothing of it to show.

i leave when things get too hard,

and they do quite often so,

my mind takes a holiday,

i run on an auto-pilot to go.

if i had the chance to take you to,

this place that i seek for time,

i'd have to put you in my head,

because it is all in my mind.

the place that i escape to,

has everything i need,

but with it comes a warning,

one that i must heed.

when i see things unfolding,

i take my mind out,

but when i try to relive it,

i'm filled up with doubt.

by taking myself away,

and going to that place,

i'm seeing it as false,

with a confused look upon my face.

this warning means more now,

as i cope instead of flee,

but that place is still here,

it will always be a part of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes i feel like i am elivated... off the ground... watching my life run in 3rd person... other times.... i wish i saw it that way...

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