What is that?

Tis a word but a name?

I feel so far away,

So lost in this game.

Losing and missing,

It makes my light dark.

Burning and hurting,

Embedded in my heart.

Not fixable,

Too much pain.

Feeling so mad,

Am I going insane?

Deaf to the cries,

The tears pouring down.

Mute to the world,

Face in the ground.

Don't tempt me to fight,

Thoughts that have no purpose,

Smiling happily,

At least on the surface.

Don't think I'm that dumb,

The way you decieve me,

You think you are funny,

The things that you see.

Go play in traffic,

Or dive off a bridge.

Your life means nothing,

Not even a smidge.

A pain that is hurtful,

A love that does sting,

Marriage of hearts,

Spades that won't sing.

Death that is welcoming,

And easy way out.

Can't begin to explain it,

Just so much fucking doubt!

I guess no words to describe it,

Nothing to speak its strife.

Broken is forever,

Broken is life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Broken Inside, with all your lifes. Killing my heart, you are the one who made me dark!

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Mad Chemist's picture

Or your poems, I think that this is my favorite. It is really good. I like it alot. It is very intense and honest. I can feel your emotions when I read your poetry. You are a very good poet.

M A U I's picture

its sad and bleak.. but i loved its rhythm. another nice one. ^__^