Empty Inside

Expressions around do nothing to please,

Thoughts escaping are my thoughs that tease.

Darkened hands with forcefull grips,

Crimson stains upon my finger tips.

Unheartly eyes as cold as night,

Icy lips that suck out the light.

Temptation starts a worldly deed,

Reverance is a warning to heed.

Desperate lies as good as coal,

Chilling feelings as i remain in a hold.

Fighting a battle that simply can't be one,

Seems my time here on earth is more then done.

Holding on to frustration and shame,

Beating myself to take all the blame.

Water to spill for the life of its fall,

Silly to think absolutely nothing at all.

Dearest to me with a silent kiss,

Greatly possesed for a need of this.

Styx from Hades to come for me and fairy,

Death is proposing and the Lord says I should marry.

Hell to await a cold darkened mind,

No one ever said the end would be kind.

Oh Goddess revered who sits high on her throne,

Displaced in a world that she's never known.

Thrilling excitement at the arrivals anew,

Catering, caring, all waiting for you.

Wandering far as demons grab hold of my hand,

Seems that the devil has made for me a plan.

Eyes so empty I sit up on high,

Watching the torturing souls move on by.

He says that the world is full of people no lie,

But few with my blank eyes that don't cry.

I tell him he's wrong, that I do shed tears,

But he knows that I'm wrong and I know what I fear.

I'm the rejected, the thrown down from a high place,

Need not be heard for its written on my face.

So I sigh as I recieve my crown and my scepter,

But I leave you with just one thing to remember.

Don't forget to heal the contender,

Because cold distant eyes will haunt you forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a feeling lately of cold gloom over head.....well....it was a feeling....i'm feeling better now...life is so confusing

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