Farewell My Guardian Angel

Thinking of all the ways I could express myself,

I realize that I'm just alone in this game.

Placed myself here by accident of course,

Didn't know how to make the right equation wrong.

Never taught to love one another,

Just always assumed I did it right.

Bet you can't see inside me,

Trees and lakes bring hinderence.

Trips and Twirls,

Like living amoung the kids.

Just wanted to let you know me,

But sometimes things go wrong.

Learned to let you go,

Wanted to hold you tighter.

Maybe you never considered it,

Very possible the soul is kind.

Saying good bye is painful,

Happens in the end.

So I say farewell as I wave my hand towards the sky.

Because I know that you're my guardian angel:

And all angels go to heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Doo doo doo....(sleeps)

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Kris Grula's picture

beautiful, and very delicate, every word had its own meaning..