Kiss of Death (Violent Warning)

My finger traces the edge of the moon as I sit idly by.

Watching the pain devour you slowly.

It's an amusement like no other.

Matching your screams I hum along.

Oblivious to what ever you are enduring.

You lay there, on the floor, still for the moment.

Blood drips from your cheek, neighboring a large gash.

Crimsion rivers to create a crimsion pool.

Dessert and charming for me.

I lick my lips as you glare at me with pain.

You want to hate me, but you can't.

I twirl my fingers in your hair, smiling.

So sweet it is to see someone else hating.

Someone else fearing.

Your hands, bound together with rope, twitch from the itching thread.

Bleeding, I grab hold of them and feel the coldness of your skin.

Pleasantly surprising how much I enjoy this.

No way to escape me.

Nothing to set you free.

Maliscious intent, oh so true.


You bet.

A growing evil inside me that longs to be free.

What right do I have to deny that?

The winter stings less then my knife against your chest.

If you're lucky I will cut your heart out slowly.

The edge of the blade I hold, pressuring me to make it final.

Shinning with a red tint.

I press deeper and deeper.

Flow, burn, bleed.

Scream all you want!

No one can hear you.

I run my fingers along the bleeding circle on your bare chest.

You yell at me, curse at me, but I feel you giving in.

Bodies can not sustain this.

My face is strong, fighting your gaze.

No one said it was easy to deal with a live victim.

The thrill of the hunt and the chase excite me the most.

But I can not stand that look.

The one you give me now.

Your eyes, so innocent.

So true.

Leading me away from the hate and anger I have against you.

I stare away, keeping my heart safe.

Slowly, I lean my head in to the taste the liquid of revenge and satisfaction.

Copper, metal.

It tastes sweet against my lips.

Teasingly I run my tongue over the line of nightmares that I have made circle and scar you.

You bring me joy in your suffering.

Fear is what I smell.

You are my prey.

I am the predator.

Run while you can, but sooner or later you succumb to me.

Destiny and Fate are on my side.

My conscience are long gone.

Along with my innocence and caring heart.

If any, I desire your heart the most.

Pulling my head up gingerly, I sense that you are at a battle with yourself.

To like or to hate.

This pain feels like pleasure, and you don't wish it to.

Pretend you hate me, but you know you can't.

I may have you trapped, in a cage:

But you enjoy the excitment.

Running my teeth across your neck, I laugh softly, so no one hears.

You think you are lucky.

You aren't.

Just another of my victims.

Another check in my book for revenge.

No reverence to save your mind or soul.

No messiah to plead to.

No one is going to save you.

I catch your eyes finally.

Tears, spilling over the side.

I can't tell whether you are sorry or fearful of the power I now posses.

You didn't think about that when you hurt me did you?

Never thought I would come after you?

Abuse me.

Use me.

Confuse me.

That is all you ever did. And do.

My tongue slides across your lips gently as you try to kiss me.

You are getting into this.

I could tell from your body expressions.

Don't deny that you still want me.

This pain, this abuse.

It's just a game.

For a moment, it seems that you have won as I latch my lips onto yours.

That is, until you feel a length of metal fill your body in a sharp pang of terror.

Our lips still touch as you reach your final breath.

Again the taste of copper and metal.

This moment sweeter then any sugar on the planet.

I smile as your lips weaken and you can't hold on any longer.

Lungs stop their functioning and breath escapes you quickly.

But your eyes.

They tell me what I want to see.





All the things you left me with.

The problems I've endured because of you.

A simple look of that would have done me good when I first had taken you from the world as you knew it.

Too late.

Slowly, a tear cascades down your eye and falls on your cheek.

I break the kiss of death and quickly lap up the salty taste of nights spent alone and damaged.

Good bye my love.

I shall see you in hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No idea where this came from. Just popped into my head when I was watching the news. Lots of my ideas come from the news. But the poems and feelings are mostly mine.

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