Lifting You Away

They want you to change.

Yeah. I know.

Strongly I agree.

You don't.

I guess if it's what you want, I'll listen.

Silent prayers.

Often heard when you look at me.

Debating, Questioning, Everything.

I know things are rough.

I'm a struggle in itself.

Oh well.

Can't do much for love when I can't recognize its demise.

Pretty like candle lit rooms.

Flowing like nail polish spilt on a counter.

Suppose we fall apart?

What becomes of the feelings we had?

Do they stay in that happy time that is frozen?

Do we keep them?

Decisions can't be made without thinking, but what is the boundry?

It's comforting, you, the feeling you give me.

Not sure what it is, but sure that I like it.

So much to say, but I'm not rushing myself to be stupid.

Trip and fall, feel sorry for myself once I get hurt again.

My heart feels a-flutter when I catch you walking by.

Secretly I wanted you.

Openly I admitted to wanting to be close to you.

Some how.

Some day.

I promised myself to make you happy.

Guess I'm kind of bad at that huh?

But still, I can do what ever I can.

Just remember, there is only so much I can do.

Not only am I crazy, but I'm jealous.

Over-protective, insane with emotions.

Controling it?

No way!

I'm come a long way from what I was.

You should be able to grasp that concept.


Coming from a girl, sounds mushy huh?


Just another teenage statistic whose fallen apart.

Just another girl pining for something she can't ever have.

Another, " No one understands me."

Another, " You won't ever know what it feels like."

No, that's not true.

It hurt to have your heart broken, just like it hurt me to see it happen.

Same situation, different feelings.

Sadness, anger, they feel the same.

When I'm angery, it's because I'm sad, and I'm scared.

I worry about you when I don't see you in the morning.

Your eyes, sparkly and warm on the outside, just what you want everyone to see.

I see in. Too bad to burst your bubble.

You aren't always happy.

I mean, no one is.

Why won't you give it up?

I have.

For you.

My shields, my barriers.

The things that keep me alive.

I've given them all up for you.

I want this to work.

Trying and trying.

It's frustrating when I don't get anything in return.

Not even a little hint or direction.

"I want to know what made you the way you are!"

I tell you this.

Over and over.

It feels like a giant pancake.

Round and round the sweetness.

If it isn't cooked long enough, its soggy and yucky tasting.

I don't want to push you.

But it seems like it is the only way you will learn.

Give me something.



How about everything?

I've dropped my entire life, my world, my being, just to be with you.

Never felt this way in my entire life.

The crying.

It doesn't stop.

When we talk, late at night, I'm the one crying.

When we hang up, I worry about you.

Are you crying too?

Probably not.

But it's ok.

You think you're tough.

You're not.

You're soft and molded.

"What made you the way you are?"

Nothing like the image you present.



Can't blame you for that.

Anyone who doesn't get what they want gets mad.

You say you love me.

You don't know what it's even like to be in love.

You think you do.



Yeah, I know I'm out of line.

But I've been there before and it doesn't stop me.

Maybe one day you will understand.

I hope it's before I'm gone.

You're going to leave one day.

I'm going to have to finish this on my own.

I'm preparing to let you go.


Don't act like it's ending now.

You have to live life on your own.

I do it every day.

I try to at least.

If you can't support yourself,

What help will you be to me?

Two individuals who can live independently and yet share a common interest:

Themselves, together, for a long time.

But, the funny thing is:

Forever is a long time.

For a long time implies forever.

Didn't think about that...

I guess, when it comes down to it, I'm scared.

For you.

For me.

Just scared.

I want you to worry.

I want you to care.

But, you just don't want to.

One day you are going to hate what you see.

You will want to change.

Maybe you do now.

Dented and broken.

That is what I see in myself.

That I hope you don't see in yourself.

Plastic smiles, stupid stunts.

You don't need to please them.


It's fickle, but it makes sense to me.

So calm down.

Look at it.

Why won't you tell me?

"What made you the way you are?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment. Kinda an all around for everyone. I'm finally ready to open up, and it's crazy because no one is there....hmmm

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