Water Maiden

Floating quietly in a forest.

Intense vibes of pain.

Betrayal lay thee down.

Sleeping in a lake of problems.

She closes her eyes as she steps in.

The brisk water freezes her body.

Cold stabs of liquid teasing her feet.

Softly and silently she comes to her waist.

Standing there for a moment, she falls slowly.

A welcoming bed of lush seaweed draws her out farther.

Waiting for a moment, she moves her arms back and forth.

Splashes bring her to the deepest part of the dark water.

Moonlight illuminating the dark depths.

Her dark hair looks black against her pale bruised face.

Trails of dirt and blood are washed away by the water.

A healing trance to keep her safe.

She doesn't want to see herself.

Desperate to find a way out.


What a dumb thing.

The water craddles her and holds her tightly.

No yelling, no hands to fight, no words to hurt.

No one to hide from.

She softly cries and lets the tears roll into the ice cold water.

Her body is numb, keeping in line with her mind.

So many times she wanted to run.

Look happy.


Moon beams caressing her face.

Memories of tortured living running from her mind to the darkness of the water.

Her clothes soaked and heavy on her body.

Laying on her back, she dreams of heaven and a place of love.

Nothing to keep her from going back.

Blood off her clothing runs into the clean river.

How she laughed when he fell.

Her night clothes stained with his blood.

Never again would he hurt her, she made sure.

Touching her wrist, she saw the bruises.

Tiny feet lay in the water and moved her around.

Sighs of relief washed over her like the water.

Teasing her mind, she remember what she had done.

Secrets and lies.

Lessons learned and time to leave this world.

Slowly she lets her body sink to the bottom of the lake.

Her breath shortens and she feels her lungs start to burn

The pain hurts, but not like him.

Seaweed gently pulls her closer and allows her to sleep.

Frozen from the freedom.

Weak from the lack of air.

Her body becomes numb.

Slowly her eyes close.

The last image of the rising sun.

A swirl of color and a bright light in the water.

Heaven calling to her.

No matter how evil, no one deserved that treatment.

Blood floats up to the top of the water in bubbles.

And then....

She's gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

painful death but a fear of drowning...

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