A Vampire and An Angel

Dripping with golden streams of tears,

A dream too deadly to play with.

Blood for an angel split on the earth,

Testing the fates for fun.

Golden hair and lapiz lazuli eyes,

Fear in every deep blue orb.

Skin like smoothed wind,

Desperatly touching against the wet grass.

Thrown down as a sacrifice.

Rough teeth mark the edge of the neck,

Flowing life tasting like copper.

Metalic energy as dangerous as death,

Needing to escape this torment.

Vampristic nature and animal instincts.

A hand around the face cupping the cheek,

All hell breaks loose at the return of an angel.

Layers of white drenched by pouring rain.

The vampire desires the angel rather then blood.

Complications of love and trials of brotherhood.

Neither one to understand the worries of the world.

Friends to watch them reunite.

Never such a lovely picture.

Him in black.

Her in white.

Embracing tightly.

Never such an odd sight.

Emerald orbs piercing the night, like cats eyes.

Deep blue circles of light, sure to purify.

Arms around each other,

Craddling the memories of the past.

Sure to be together for ever.

Destiny can't deny them fortune of love.

They are watched upon by hell and heaven alike.

"It's fate, isn't it?"

Not a dream anymore....

"So long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter..."

No trances to take them apart...

"Just keep holding me."

This is how it all ends.

See them kiss and see them part.

A story rumored to be oh so true.

How the angel and vampire came to be.

How true love can overcome misery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just finished a really good book about an angel and a vampire. made me cry...

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

very good potrayal of the storyline. i assume there is some of your own interpretations here that give a good and original thought.