Bittersweet Memories

The loveliness of the night.

It lingers long in my mind.

Holding softly onto the light.

Reaching into it for something to find.

Stillness grabs hold of me.

I suffocate from the hate.

Pulling me strongely like the sea.

My lungs, no more can take.

Sweet bitterness I do hate you.

But your aroma is so sweet.

I hate the bitterness you put me through.

But destiny said we should meet.

So gently I cling to thee.

I besech you to be a friend.

You underestimate the power in me.

This night will be your end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, old poem. I do like it though.

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Mad Chemist's picture

nice poem. I can think of a few people that this reminds me of.

Kaitlyn Rouhier's picture

Lovely poem. \m/