Hell is in Pieces **WARINING**

Darkness shades us as we die,

hidden lust and hidden crys.

Death to part us forever more,

Lies to hide the deepest core.

Shall darkness propose on one knee,

Then I have no choice but the marry thee.

Life is a sword but I can't fight,

When you won I lost my light.

Night to break the wanted need,

A farmer breaks as he sews some seed.

Let thee in and comfort my heart,

My inner soul is far too dark.

A hand shot across my face,

The dirt reminds me of my place.

I bow to thee oh god of man,

A bitch to those whom know I can.

Silence rings a deadly bell,

Oh dear god, send me to hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling not so happy...perhaps evil is the word of the day.

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Kaitlyn Rouhier's picture

Very cool poem. Loved it. \m/