Uneasy Feeling

No time to run away,

No, not a time to learn to fly.

Feelings seemingly disapeer,

And yet your heart still does cry.

I told you that we couldn't be,

That love deserts us both.

Why couldn't you listen when I said,

That being my friend was just enough?

Is it so wrong to love what I hate,

Or to love your cold distant heart?

I promised you I would leave you,

This you knew from the very start.

Summer was a waste of time,

Winter consumed you like the rage.

Fall worked it's amazing magic,

Spring is here for us to seperate.

Forget what you know about me,

Forget the darkness and black.

Keeping going on,

Don't ever look back.

I guess this is goodbye,

We've finally met our end.

I told you not to love me,

I told you not to be my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't figure out the feeling. Love is so strange in the way it pushes you in, and horrible how it takes you out.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a lovely poem done in romantic way..rich idea.. melodious , charming and impressive with multiple meanings..well done.. hope my poems will also inspire you... best of luck poetess of love