I Wished I Was Never Born

I told them I wished I was never born.

And they said,

"don't say that!" "You don't mean that!"

But I told them the truth.

From a little broken heart,

small enough to fit in a 6 year old's hands,

I wished I was never born.

Sat, dreamed, thought about

the fact that I could have never been.

Every night of the drunken outbursts

I believed that I was still an egg without a sperm,

still a twinkle in the stars.

Every slap across the face,

I hoped that I was experiencing some out of body experience

not a life that I wished against.


I wished I was never born.

Each night of my existance

I am reminded

I am THE reminder

that life could have gone on.

He wouldn't have been trapt,

she wouldn't have suffered.

I believe that I could have changed time,

If I hadn't of been born.

No, life would not have been the same.

All these if's running down my back,

pulling a marathon over my eyes and concluding

that I was right.

Life might have been better without me,

but it would still suck just the same.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain cannot create happiness, but happiness can create pain.

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