The End

World crashing all around.

No one left to be found.

Arms with marks unleft and told.

Sinister face with a heart of coal.

Above the rampage and disaster.

Servants rise and bow to their master.

Flowing hair of raven locks.

Death like sheep to herd in flocks.

Crimson eyes that pour like rain.

Screaming innocence that burns into pain.

Figure 8 to create and give.

Worship it backwords, a simple word LIVE.

Cities are falling and breaking.

Rise up hell, the earth is for your taking.

Leader of night and dark.

Child with a ripped out heart.

Once an angel, now a sinner.

Once a loser, now a winner.

Hopes that crush the human race.

Torture written on her face.

Once with halo now with horn.

Mixed up child who wasn't born.

Created from the darkness of the devil's heart.

Spawned from an angel's loving mark.

The battle stops and destruction takes.

Child with a heart of hate.

No one to love her or treat her right.

So she takes away the day and night.

If she doesn't have it, then no one can.

No child, no lady, no animal, no man.

Tears of pearls so special and so rare.

Quickly she hides them in her long flowing hair.

But the pain wont stop coming.

No were to go running.

No one to care, or to be a friend.

The end of the world, the end, the end, the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always about an angel, with that halo of liquid golden light that creates a shrine with in the body...

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