Pull Me, Push Me

Didn't I just kill you?

didn't i just take your pain and make it mine?

didn't i fight you?

didn't i win?

didn't you ask my why?

why did you hurt me?

why did you taunt me?

why did you love me?

why, why why?

didn't i sacrifice myself?

didn't i punish you for insecurities?

didn't i become hypocritical?

didn't i curse your nonsense?

didn't you ask me why?

why did you take me out here?

why did you leave me in this grave?

why did you push me?

why did you pull me?

didn't i forget the meaning of love?

didn't i freeze when your eyes wouldn't blink?

didn't i scream when your heart lost its beat?

didn't i realize the monster i am?

didn't i just kill you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

didn't you burn me? didn't you make me feel alive? i know you did.

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