I Hate You More Than My Ex


I hate you more than I hate my ex.

And that says a lot.

You fail me all the time,

and still I keep you around.

Every where I go

I feel your pressure on my knees.

I can't get a word in edge wise,

and I'm the one who is chatty.

There's a sickening feeling when you hug me,

like my breath will just stop.

Nothing makes you happy,

and when it doesn't, your world will just pop.

I don't like you in the least bit,

you piss me off to now end.

You say that we'll know each other forever

but RIGHT NOW, you suck as a friend.

So get the fuck away from me

you claim your simple, but your too freakin' complex...

I hate you so passionately

I hate you more than me ex.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

GOD- you are so irritating!!!!

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