Vodka Girl


Pass me like a vodka bottle,

sip until you put me down.

Tip me like your hot with style,

and then smash me up against the ground.

Look at me with special care,

a flame of lust in your eyes.

Pull me close into your arms,

then pass me on to the other guys.

Buy me with your pretty money,

promise me that you'll treat me nice.

Touch me gently with your hands,

Dress me up with glass and ice.

See me as just an object,

one to grab and enjoy;

Make me see I have no worth,

then pass me on to another boy.

I will break and I will fall,

your damage will set in.

You will grab for what ever's left,

Pop my cork and drink with sin.

But be aware to the next you pass,

a boy who just might exist;

one who steals me from your grasp,

my heart and soul he will fix.

And I will see who you really are,

In time you'll just be a drunk ass;

Because he will show me the truth:

I am not a bottle to be passed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can't have me,
I'm not going to be your Vodka Girl.

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giajl's picture

I think That this is a really cool piece. Being as I have a certain perchant to Vodka myself. Though it's very rarely I share my bottle. But I also do take in the actual meaning of the poem.

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