You Hold Me Too Tight

This feeling of mine has to surface.

And it will, but far too late.

Deserts and prairies give out.

I have far to much on my silver plate.

Eye candy and a deception.

They led me right to you.

But then came along another.

And I knew I wouldn't be true.

So I gave up trying to please you.

Because I knew that it wouldn't work.

Now my brain is confused.

And my thoughts are mushy like murk.

Nothing makes me want you.

But something says I should.

I don't want to run back to this nightmare.

But you know, I probably could...

You held me way too tightly.

And you caressed my skin too rough.

Seeing you made me uncomfortable.

Now my heart is jagged and rough.

This pain just wont leave me.

It just won't subside.

So I'm going to sit here tonight.

And keep this feelings inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Want to let go of the past, but am still holding on too it so tightly that my hands are starting to bleed...

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