Pleasing Everyone Except Me

I cannot look your way,

but is that so very wrong?

I have nothing nice to say,

and I only wish to be gone.

The things I know that happen,

the way it builds inside...

My mood, your negetivity, it dampens,

but i hold it in and cry.

Why is it that I'm hearing,

all the words you speak?

All your negetive energy your steering,

makes me feel so week.

Just kill me now and help me,

I don't want to live this through.

I hate being what you want me to be,

and only being there to please YOU.

I'm done with this insanity,

this is just a crazy ride.

At the climax of this coaster I'll be free,

then all I have to do is take the dive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just gotta get away.... can't take this anymore... i need to go... go... go....

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