Contemplation of the Lonely


I have no one
No one to go to
No one to give love to
No one to hold at night
No one to convince me that I am alright
It always just me
And the things that plague me
I fight theses demons daily
But I wonder why there is no one to save me
Am I that bad?
Am I that terrible that I deserve to be ignored?
I put forth my best but what is it all for
If no one acknowledges it?
If no one appreciates it?
I don’t know sometimes I just feel like a waste of life
Like nothing will be lost if I am drove through with a knife
Got no one who cares what the fuck I go though
Know one who cares if all of the sudden I am threw
Yeah I know I got family
And that’s supposed to be the biggest thing
But why should have no one outside of
Whose obligated to care about me?
I mean I got no lover
Got no fucker
No one at all
I mean I got a lot to offer
And I just get passed by
Like I am an invisible fuck
So I wonder why should even try
Shine as bright as you can
Bright as the fuckin sun
but what does it matter when no ones can see what you have done?
We live in society full of blind folk
So the light don’t affect which direction way they walk
Hell I cant figure out a damn thing that will catch the attention
Of these fuckers acting like there eyes are missin
An while I am hating them I am still hating myself
Thinkin theres something wrong cuz I cant get help
I m bout done with this shit
An I don’t know what I ll end up with
But it cant be much
Cuz there aint a soul that can appreciate
What I got stowed up
I don’t know maybe I am just meant to be alone
Inside this empty soul that’s my only home
Locked in here with a me that hates myself
Inside of my own hell
Inside of my own jail cell
Guess that’s the fate of the one who can get no attention
Yeh I guess that’s all I should be expecting

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