On Ambition Road...

Driving down ambition road,

trying to make it there on time.

The road grows narrower the further I climb.

How much longer?

No one seems to know.

I squint my eyes to focus past this fog and mist,

onto the shimmering light of essential bliss.

Taken detours and shortcuts to get ahead,

only to find myself left for dead.

So now I'm sticking to the blacktop,

flying past these distractions,

praying that I dont run into anymore fatal attractions.

Getting lost is not an option.

Every turn has to be sharp,

every hill has to be smooth,

Because I cant afford to make a wrong move.

The stress while driving becomes more overwhelming,

but im still in the car here developing.

Learning the sites and scenery like an old fish in new streams,

I will someday reach my destination,

The City of Hopes and Dreams


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robbie's picture

I love the line "Every turn

I love the line "Every turn has to be sharp".

sy75's picture

Dylan Thomas said ambition is

Dylan Thomas said ambition is critical. our ambitions and dreams drive us on our journey through life continue to fight and strive u will reach you destination on the road of life you drive.   i enjoyed your poem thankyou for sharing it :-)

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Nice Trip

Life is like that, detours, bumpy roads - then it all smooths out and there is more road to look back at then will be presented ahead - ambition? I hear it in your writing - too late to change up now - be well, Lady A