A Healing In Heaven



Not a one of us own tomorrow,

We are only even borrowing, today.

Every moment of our life is lived,

With death, a mere heartbeat away.


But we can't live on the 'what if' side,

We must make the most, of here and now.

For God wishes us to live, a life quite full,

In every day, He does graciously allow.


We all carry, our own share of burdens,

Some light, and some pretty excessive.

What matters most, is how we approach them,

Are we passively weak or Faithfully aggressive?


Myself, I am a tenacious fighter,

I won't go down without an all out assault.

And I have a Mighty God, in my corner,

So I'll never win by a 'mere' default.


It'll be a triumph, no matter what,

If not by win, then by His grand design.

For only He knows, the final score,

But either way, the victory is mine.


You see, I know, I may never be healed,

Upon this earth, which we now endure.

But healing, most assuredly, will come in Heaven,

For in only our Lord, awaits my cure!








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