The Love That Breaks A Heart

Emotional Emotions


Empty words pierce the shields

I've placed there for protection.

Way too many, for too many years,

Have led to this dejection.


Its meaningless, its empty,

Its long now run it's course.

Love no longer means a thing,

When pain becomes it's source.


Cold and stale and lingering,

Like a winter wind in May,

Not wanted around anymore,

Its simply wished away.


From where I stand, so off track,

It all seems in senseless vain.

Right here in the head-on path,

Of all this, oncoming pain.


Holding on to twisted threads,

Of what's all frayed apart.

Now it seems, its only become,

The love that breaks a heart.


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smooth's picture


 i feel often th same way about real and lost love

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Nice poem

Nice poem love it