A Poem For Karen

My friend, I know you can fight this,
Because that's how strong-a-woman you are.
No way can this, take you out,
Hell, I've seen you in worse shape, at the bar!

Woman, you always speak your mind,
So start screaming off your head!
I know that if anyone can do this, girl,
Its you, that will get out, of that damn bed!

As long as I have known you,
Nothing has ever held you back.
So come on Karen, win this fight,
Just give it a bitch-like SMACK!

If there's one thing, I've always known,
Its that your heart is made of gold.
You'd give shirt right off your back, (literally lol)
With you Hun, they sure broke the mold!

So many people are pulling for you,
And sending prayers to God above.
Please know that we are here for you,
And know, that you, we love!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my friend Karen, who suffered a massive stroke very early Tuesday morning. She is only 48 and has a husband, young son and family and friends who need her here still. The stroke was very bad....but she is holding her own and has sooooo many people praying for her!! If anyone can d this...KAREN CAN!!! Love ya girl!!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! <3 xoxo

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