Cacaphony at Nkorho


I hear warbles and caws,

Roars and squawks.

The language of nature,

When the critters talk.

Not always easily seen,

But certainly heard,

Lulling my spirit,

With their melodious word.

It's a symphony of simplicity,

A chorus of creation,

In a languid language,

Of their daily recreation.

I am mesmerized and soothed,

Like a balm, it does heal.

Clearing out your mind,

And making you blindly feel.

But now, I must leave,

I must go watch and listen, some more.

For I've no idea, what next,

Nkorho has for me, in store.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about and inspirid by, Nkorho Pan in Africa, as seen and heard through their live streaming cam:


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