Oh, To Go To Heaven Now

Soul Poetry

Oh, to go to Heaven now,

Would be my greatest hope.

For life, in all its harshness,

Has become too much, to cope.

Will Jesus meet me there,

With His open arms to enfold?

I know that, His emanating warmth,

Would warm my soul, now cold.

Will my tears, all be but dried,

Like a river-bed in drought?

Will God give, me the speed,

I've so oft heard all about?

Will angels sing their harmony,

Of greetings, and of peace?

Will their voices bathe my spirit,

In my long-sought Heavenly-release?

Will I feel, not one more pain,

In my body, that's been healed?

Will to me, all those mysteries,

Finally be revealed?

Will I run, on streets of gold,

And dance in skies of Light?

Won't my Savior, come to me now,

And take me to Heaven, tonight...?

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