When You Love A Soldier


When you love a Soldier,

It burdons down, your heart.

For its so hard, to be seperated,

And to be so far apart.

You life takes on new meaning,

Your feelings wax and wane.

Because, when you love a Soldier,

You know true, emotional pain.

You live in fear and worry,

When they aren't there, at home.

Its hard not having any contact,

Nor knowing exactly, where they roam.

Loving a Soldier, is a mighty task,

Because its such an emotional ride.

There's so much, that you 'put away',

The apprehension, that you must hide.

You always have to put up walls,

To make yourself feel stronger.

Just trying to get, through the time,

And praying it won't be longer.

Yes, there's also lots of pride,

And plenty of love and happiness too.

But when you love a Soldier,

There's so much, you must go through.

So we must all, march on forward,

With a big smile on our face.

Because when you love a Soldier,

You do it with dignity and grace.

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Thank You for loving a soldier!