If You Stayed Little...

Family & Memories

If you stayed little,

We'd be playing on the floor,

Toys spread across the rug,

You on your little boney knees,

Scampering about,

In make-believe joy.

If you stayed little,

We'd be in the park on a sunny day,

Swinging on swings,

Legs reaching higher and higher,

Try to kick the clouds

Out of our way.

If you stayed little,

We'd be cuddled up on the couch,

Laughing at the silly antics

Of Ernie and Bert.

And we'd dream of living right there,

On Sesame Street.

If you stayed little,

We'd be making Christmas cookies,

In an oven warmed, flour specked kitchen

Scattering sprinkles across the table,

Sneaking Toll House Morsels,

And little bites of Frosty's rounded head.

If you stayed little,

The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny

And Santa Claus,

Would forever be real,

And live in a sparkle of wonder,

In your delighted eyes.

If you stayed little,

I'd forever feel, your tiny hand,

Held safely in mine,

As we walked though carnivals,

Zoos and amusement parks,

Wide-eyed, and with cotton candy smiles.

If you stayed little,

We'd be in your room,

You tucked tightly in your bed,

Me, perched on the side,

Reading aloud about purple crayons,

And telling the moon, 'Goodnight.'

If you stayed little,

I wouldn't have the fears and worry,

That reside in me so deeply.

I wouldn't have the tears,

Which run down my cheeks,

As you fly off, without me.

If you stayed little,

My 'Mother's heart'

Wouldn't be breaking in pieces,

As rooms get emptier.

As our house gets quieter,

And quieter...

But then again....

If you stayed little...

I wouldn't have each joyous milestone,

Locked away in my heart,

Each a treasured memory,

Of watching you, grow up.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all 4 of my children, Matt, Josh, Zach & Sarah, with lots of LOVE.

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