They Just Don't Care


At times I wanna run so far from here-
fade away and just disappear.
Keep myself out of their reach
a lesson to them, I need to teach.


For they take such advantage of me,
the hurt they cause, they choose not to see.
I feel like I'm their front door mat
they step on me till I'm worn and flat.


About me, they don't even care,
its too much for a too-caring heart, to bear.
I explain but I'm met with only blank looks,
long as they have someone who cleans, and who cooks.


No one helps to lighten my load
can't get them to do what their asked or told.
Don't they see the harsh effects of this stress,
when I'm the only one, who picks up their mess?


The bickering has me clinging to the end of my rope
I don't know how much longer I can cope.
If they only knew how much I cry.
Would they even care, should I suddenly die?


By them I am so badly used
even when hurting and sick, I'm still abused.
I've always tried for them, to do my best
all I ask for is some help so I can rest.


My pleas only fall upon deaf ears,
they don't even take notice of my falling tears.
What will it take for them, to realize,
that my disease isn't something to trivialize?


Its all but destroyed and beaten me already
with pain that's constant and fatigue that's steady.
I live in agony and exist in fear
that new problems from it, will soon appear.


My nights are filled with constant dread
of how much time till it cuts me dead.
But still they don't, take up the slack
won't be long before I finally crack.


Maybe then, for me, their tears will pour,
over my grave they'll wish they had done more.
Then sadly though, it will be too late,
Wife and Mom will have met, her bitter fate.


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Written: 11/05/02

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