#$*@&% LUPUS!!!!

The Dark Side

I want to scream and curse

at this f*ck*n disease!

Its path is so remorseless,

never does it ease!

I've had all I can take,

of all of of this damn crap!

Some days its such utter torture,

I fear I'm going to snap!

Why have I been chosen,

to live out my life in hell?

Why can't I just be healthy?

I can't remember a time I was well.

I want to reach inside myself

and tear it out of me!

I want to rip it apart

with no trace of civility!

Oh, the utter pleasure,

of giving it right back!

All the pain and sorrow its caused,

with every single attack!

I'd relish every moment

and laugh aloud while it suffers.

Just like its always done to me.

(If only I was tougher...)

But this damn disease is stronger

and I have no more ammunition.

To fight the beast that's killing me,

cause it won't give me remission.

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Written: 06/22/02

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