That orb,

situated high,

nestled in blueness,

glows torrid and firey.

Its intensity

melts solid pavement.

Tar becomes sticky

and soft.

With intense fervor,

rays reach down,

swiping sweat across brows

with inflaming fever.

All creatures

seek solace of shade,

that only barely

offers comfort.

Distant objects shimmer

in frenetic dance,

warping what once

was clear.

Blistering beams

scald palid skins

in hues of pinks

and reds.

Ponds steam,

in simmering state.

Their raised temperatures

offering no relief.

Sultry haze

hangs upon stiffled air,

as a heatwave crashes

violently upon the land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2003

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