Crossing The Fault Line

Two hearts are distanced

by pain and hurt.

An argument started

by a misspoken blurt.

It's a fact of life

that we sometimes disagree.

Then we're stubborn and suffer

in our broken harmony.

'Who's right? Who's wrong?'

is all that seems to matter.

While things left unsaid

hang in silent chatter.

Neither wants to give.

Neither wants to budge.

So the hurt goes on

while holding that grudge.

The issue at hand

gets lost in the shuffle.

Hearts are bruised

in the ensuing scuffle.

Pride holds each at bay

and widens the gap.

Till neither can recall

what even caused the mishap.

Each thinks they're right.

But by now its so benign.

For all it takes is one step,

to cross the fault line.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 08/18/02

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