Hey, It Was Free...

Jus 4 Fun

My house is full of freebies

of every shape and size

I can't seem to help myself

cause 'free' are really great buys!

Every single day

my mailbox overfills

the mailman's truck is lighter

when he goes back down the hills.

For the bath we have shampoos

lots of facial scrubs

little bitty soaps

ointments for muscle rubs.

Coffee samples are a fav

its great when the really arrive!

If freebies were all banned,

I doubt I would survive!

In the kitchen there are teas

tiny packs of spices

itty vinegar and tobasco bottles

perfect for my freebie vices.

We have candles for the living room

paper for the computer

tee-shirts with many logos

travel mugs for hubby the commuter.

CD Roms and videos

lots of various tapes

travel brochures for everywhere

meds for cuts and scrapes.

For times when we are sick

feeling a little ill

I have plenty free samples

of every well-known pill!

Too many books to mention

so much stuff to read.

Sometimes I even get full size things

like unkown foods to my family I feed.

Pens, well I have a ton

personalized with my name.

I also gets lots of haircare things

colorings and gels to tame.

Hats for all our heads

sample cards to send.

All this stuff for nothing

not a penny did I spend!

Dozens of little gadgets

openers, graters, keychains.

I order things we'll never use,

hubby thinks I'm insane!

Magazines come by the piles

bout 30 subscriptions to date.

The pile just keeps getting higher

oh how they accumulate!

Coupons, I get a bunch

of different denominations.

Stuff from small businesses

stuff from large corporations.

Energy bars and vitamins

to give me lots of pep.

Writing pads, heating pads, feminine pads

even a pad for my instep!

Bunches of things for the kids

from toys to comic books.

Window clings, bumper stickers

some of em get me very strange looks!

Cat-nip and treats for the cats

even a doggie bone

which is really quite funny

cause a doggie we don't even own!

Checks for doing surveys

stocking stuffers for the holidays

magnets for the fridge

I'm in such a freebie craze!

There's probably much I've forgotten

cause I get hundreds of things

I always wait in eager anticipation

to see what each mail day brings!

Yes, its an obsession

I admit I am addicted.

I'd likely have much more

but quantities are restricted!!!

If they had a meeting

for freebie-aholics just like me...

I'd be doin their 12 step

cause no doubt the coffee would be free!

I'd tell you more about it

I get so darn engrossed

but I have stuff to order

and lots of freebies to post!!!

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Written: 12/03/02

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MrsLivingston©'s picture

I liked it. We are a lot

I liked it. We are a lot alike Lol