Put It On Layaway!!!

Jus 4 Fun

Layaway time is here again,

I've got some shopping to do.

Sure beats trying to hide it all,

in effort to keep the mystery true.

Filling up my shopping carts,

(only need that 10% down)

each time I add another item,

I see my husband's frown.

'Don't worry dear,' I say to him,

trying to ease some of his fear,

'I'll put some cash on it every week'

he laughs saying, 'Sure, just like ya did last year?'

But I just keep right on shopping,

cruisin' up and down aisle after aisle,

hubby reluctantly drags along,

grumbling all the while.

When everything is added up,

and the final tally told,

hubby tries to grin and bear it,

but I saw those eyes he rolled!

Alas, he's always right though,

I never make those, weekly payments due.

So when its time to pick it all up and pay,

with a sigh, I think, 'Next year, I'll see it through.'

Hubby doesn't want to hear it,

sitting sarcastic in his judgement seat.

He says, 'Don't even tell me how much

and please don't show me the damn receipt!'

I sassily stick my tongue out at him,

just like a little child.

We make our way home, to hide it all,

in our van that's over-piled!

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Written: 10/06/02

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