For My Brother

Family & Memories

We have had our troubles,

as every brother and sister do.

There have been ups and downs

our share, more than a few.

But as all things come to pass,

they are laid to rest,

for grudges held upon old hurts

is never for the best.

We should remember all the laughter,

the good times we have had,

focus on the happy memories,

look away from all the bad.

That old adage, 'forgive and forget'

sounds so very cliche,

but it rings out clear and true,

so I write it anyway.

Though I think it very often,

and sometimes say out loud,

when it comes right down to it,

of you, I am very proud.

In regards to what you do for our country,

what you have made of your Navy career,

I admire all you've done and accomplished

and that, I mean sincere.

For my brother, blood is blood

and the same runs through us two.

I'm glad we share such a connection,

for my brother, I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 11/10/02

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