Dear Mom,


Dear Mom,

Here I am at ARMY training, So far away from home.

I wish that I could call you up, But the DS’s broke the phone.

They don’t let us do anything here, We never get to have any fun.

All I do for entertainment, Is take apart, and put together, my gun.

But, I’ve learned so many things, I didn’t know about before.

Like how it takes, 17 hours, To use a toothbrush to clean the floor.

I never knew I could ache so much, In places I never knew I had.

But now I’ve got, muscles there, So I guess that’s not too bad.

DS made us stand in line for hours, With our M-16s up over our heads.

So we missed out, on dinner that night, Had not even a crumb of bread.

Mom its really horrible here, When its so very humid and hot.

They make us run with our Battle Rattle on, And it sure does weigh a lot!

I don’t get to sleep in late, Like I use to do back there.

They get us up at 4 am, An ungodly hour, I declare.

But we have, to follow their orders, Or else we pay a price.

They’ll make us do 100 pushups, Sometimes, even twice!

I’m missing lots of things I love, That the DS’s won’t allow.

And I miss your homemade dinners, Mom, They sure beat what I get at Chow.

The jello looks like it been there forever, The mashed potatoes run on the plate.

So don’t be surprised, when you see me, For I’ve lost a bit of weight.

I don’t know how, they call that food, Its hardly edible at all.

But, I eat enough, to keep up strength, So on my face, I won’t soon fall.

I got to shoot, a real live gun, And even with real live bullets too!

I missed all, the targets though, As off the mark, my bullets flew.

DS said I must be dumb and blind, To have missed every single shot.

So then I imagined his backside there, And every bullet hit the center spot!

But DS really ain’t so bad, Sometimes he even smiles.

He tells us all his military stories, And entertains us for awhile.

My buddies here, are really cool, I’ve made a lot of friends.

I’ll sure miss them, when we’re done, When our training here, finally ends.

Oh, Mom I need some things, So could you please send them out real soon?

Fill an empty, deodorant can with candy, To share with my Platoon.

Put some chocolate chip cookies, in a bag, But conceal it in one of my old boots.

Send the pair, so its not suspicious. Fill the other one with gummy fruits.

And send me a bunch of Resees Cups, Hide them in a container of baby powder.

If DS finds them, I’ll be finished, For I’m sure he can yell much louder.

Soon my time, here will be done, And I’ll finally be out and free.

But though its really hard sometimes, I think I’ll actually miss a lot, of BCT.

For here, I’ve grown into a man, I’m no longer your little boy.

The guns I play with now are real, No longer are they just a toy.

I’m now a US Soldier, Mom, Being trained for battles of war.

Its made me realize, life is more precious, Than I ever thought before.

I wear my uniform, with honor, It makes me stand real tall.

I have more pride, in me now, Than I ever can recall.

And though I may, one day be sent, To a dangerous, far away land,

I’ll take all that, I learned here, with me, Whether at home, or over in the sand.

I guess that’s it for now, dear Mom, I’ve got nothing else to say…

Except that I love you, Mom, And miss you, every day.


Your Soldier Son

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