Mother's Tear

Family & Memories

A single, tiny, glistening tear,

That falls from a Mother's eye.

Tells so much, in one little droplet,

So much, does it soundlessly imply.

It tells a story of her life,

Of the love that abounds in her heart.

It expresses how much, she longs to hold,

Her children, when far apart.

It shows that she, has no boundries,

When it comes to loving her child.

It speaks volumes, of her devotion,

Of all emotions and feelings, compiled.

It holds so much, that tiny drop,

And could tell you so many things.

Its full of dreams and hopes she has,

And of the joys that motherhood brings.

It falls in anguish, it falls in pride,

That tiny Mother's tear.

They seem to fall more frequently,

With every passing year.

Just one tear, from a Mother's eye,

Tells a multitude of thought.

It lets you know when she's overjoyed,

And when she is distraught.

It sits there, quietly, making no sound,

Yet it bellows out so loud.

Speaking out her sadness or cheer,

Or how she is, so very proud.

Who would have thought, a salted pearl,

Could say so very much, in whispered tone?

But, oh, it speaks of her love so clearly,

In a flowing and muted drone.

Delicate, it lies there,

Like a dewdrop on a rose.

A whisper of her inner-self,

Whether in mirth or in repose.

A Mother's tear, falls not for nothing,

And never falls in vain.

A Mother's tear, is ever present,

In her jubilation, her laughter, her pain.

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