He's Just A Human Being!


He's Just A Human Being!

Taylor is just a human being,

With imperfections and faults-

Yet any time someone is taken aback,

Here come the verbal assaults!

They've put him up, upon a pedestal,

So high, that they've lost sight-

That he is not a God, but a man,

Who's not in perfect in any light.

They cast their stones, hurl their words,

As though he's done them, so personally wrong.

They've set him up, as being faultless,

When he's just been human, all along.

There they sit, in their glass houses,

Which are probably full of mars and cracks,

Claiming their utter dissappointment,

And launching their verbal attacks!

When in a world, of such utter evil,

Where wicked minds are more than bent,

I'd have to say that in comparrison,

Taylor's a breath of fresher air, been sent!

These people so, hung up on perfection,

Need to see what 'they do', is a sin.

Judging like they do so much,

Putting everything on, that proverbial 'spin'.

Why do they claim to be a fan,

Yet not accepting of any flaw?

He's not a criminal, for crying out loud!

Nor broken any rules, nor any law!

Yes, he is the 'American Idol',

But not a 'false idol' to idolize.

Then claim their moral  righteousness,

While they see him, though such unholy eyes.

For just in trying to make him God-like,

They in fact, are the one who's sinned.

So they turn away, when they feel disillusioned,

And the blame on him, they've pinned.

If they'd only remove, those rose-colored glasses,

And stop setting him, so high up, on their golden wall,

They would't then, be so aghast,

if he were, to occasionally misstep and fall!

So stop the petty complaining, all those,

Who've been shocked that, "Taylor smokes, did ya hear!!!???"

I'd be much more concerned, with the REAL evil of the world,

and not in , "Oh my God, last night, Taylor had a beer!"

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