Family & Memories

Like branches that protrude, from a majestic tree,

My children, like limbs, are extensions of me.

In there, is my nest, so painstakingly created,

A home for my babies, that is too-soon, vacated.

They extend my life, they are my continuance of dreams,

The are the leagacy I leave, the hope that redeems.

They are all that I did, and all I never achieved,

They will continue my life, long after they've grieved.

My heirlooms, my treasures, all I have left to give,

I bequest to them their future, that long, may they live.

My yesterday, my today, my tomorrow, they are.

May their life span be lengthy, may it take them afar.

I stand here, stalwart, an ever-loving tree,

And my children, like limbs, are extensions of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my 4 babies...with all my love forever....

This poem can also be viewed on the graphic I created for it:

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