Where have we gone,

what have we lost?

How much is too much

and not worth the cost?

All those gone-by days,

all the years now spent.

Did we even notice,

which way we each went?

In this distance between,

what use to be right-

Now seems over-shadowed,

by this loosing fight.

I've gave all I can,

now there's nothing much more.

Not when only one cares,

who walks out that door.

I'd be remiss to say,

I'd never take, my leave.

But, its a hard-learned truth,

in us, you no longer believe.

So I'm between two doors

and your not blocking the way.

Nor begging on knee,

no pleading, I stay.

Its just too hard too fight,

in this ring I've been tossed.

Your not ever in my corner

and this match, is now lost.

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