Nowhere To Run

Soul Poetry



Shadow's trail me constantly,
from too long without the sun.
Trapped, caged, like an animal,
with nowhere left to run.


Tossing tiny bits my way,
to which I quickly grab ahold-
for any amount of compassion,
to me, is like, found gold.


They stare at me, as if in wonder,
trying to decide my fate.
I need to get away from here,
before its much too late.


Never have they given me,
the simple things I need.
Caring compassion, concern-
all things they did not feed.


I'm wasting away here slowly,
starving and dying of thirst.
Being alone with them, or by myself,
I can't decide, which of two, is worst.


I feel just like a lonely dog,
one who's gone lost and astray.
It'll hurt me so to leave them,
but it hurts even more to stay.


Yet, I've no where to go,
there's no place else for me.
I've simply got nowhere to run
and no one to set me free.



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Kris Hoffman's picture

Your writing amazes me.