No One Knows

Soul Poetry

When you hide behind your shadows,

no one knows the sadness

that lurks so deeply within'.

None sense when you've met

the point of your no return,

the moment you decide its fruitless.

These fears I keep hidden,

slowly come to my surface,

yet still remain invisible.

They don't know the utter disgust

that permeates your being,

upon each new awakening day.

For the night before,

you've again prayed death

only to rise once again to this life.

To them, its uncomprehensible

to feel such darkened emotions,

to endure such constant pains.

And so they choose to ignore

what you know as misery,

what you know as sure existance.

Emptiness fills you up,

leaving no room for wistfulness,

nor foolish dreams.

Inner solitude has become,

your only true companion

and the only one who hears your cries.

Selective deafness,

rings loudly in ears of those who hear,

yet only look away.

In my circle of friends,

there is only me

and even she has become my enemy.

No one knows,

nor cares.

No one even tries...

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