On Their Way To Heaven

Grief & Grieving

I stood on my front lawn,

two balloons in my hand,

one pink, one blue.

With tears in my eyes,

I released them.

I sent with them

wishes of love and happiness.

I whispered soft words

as I watched them climb

higher and higher.

I could see them for so long

as they moved farther away

from the earth.

My eyes remained transfixed

upon them as they touched

the edges of clouds,

weaving in and out.

As they reached higher masses

of darker clouds,

in the soft, serene hour

just before sunset,

they looked as though

they were tiny lights,

like stars falling up,

they twinkled.

I watched them

and watched

and watched,

as tears of a Mother's sorrow

and loss fell silently

down my cheeks.

When I could see them no longer,

I waved my hand towards the sky

and whispered,

"They're on their way to Heaven, my baby.

They're on their way to you."

As I returned into the house,

an image flashed in my mind,

the image of my little baby

with downy wings,

reach a tiny hand out of a cloud

and grab ahold of two balloons,

one pink, one blue,

and it was almost as though

I could hear a child-like voice

whisper in my ear,

"They're here, Mommy.

My balloons are here."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written:10/18/02 for my little angel baby in Heaven,Andi/Andy.

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