Just Jersey Hanging Out

Jus 4 Fun


People gave us dirty looks,

Teacher's thought we were lost.
Our parent's called us lazy.

Funny that,
cause I always had an afterschool job.

Needed that money from those
paper-tossing, pizza-serving,
register-ringing jobs
to buy all my 'teenager essentials.'


There was that little clothing store
on Park Ave,
where I spent most
of my hard-earned cash.
They had all the latest styles!
Got that blue halter top there,
the one with the fuzzy mouse on it.
Oh! And can't forget about those
pink Gitano jeans I got to match it!

Classic 80's, those Gitanos
Of course we had to have those cutsie clothes
to wear while we all 'hung around' the Avenue.


Yeah, we had 'our spot'.
That favorite place in town
we can all remember.


Ours was the big bank on the end
of Park Ave, Rutherford, NJ

right before 'the circle'.

From there, sitting on the marble steps,
(and boy were they cold in the winter-

but still we hungout!)
we could see who was cruisin' by
and who was coming back around the circle
after we waved em down!


We never bothered anybody,
never did damage to anything,
never caused any trouble.


We just wanted to sit there in 'our spot'
among friends and have fun...
no pressure of home or school.


Of course we weren't angels.
We had our share of of those
'almost getting caught by the local cops', moments:
"Hey Bernie...how ya doin?...Us? We're just hanging out."
(in our town, we knew em all by first name
...and they knew us)

Bernie was one of the cool ones,
he rode a Harley when he was off-duty,
bummed ciggies from us sometimes.

He knew we weren't doing no harm,
never bothered us or made us leave.
Just let us be.


But...those once in awhile times,
(when Bernie was off-duty)
on occasion,
if need be,
we sure knew how to hurdle bushes
and jump fences through backyards
like a gazelle being chased by a lion!


Yeah, we were harmless though.
Just a bunch of Jersey teens being teens
trying to ease the boredom

of being that whatever age.


The group of friends ya hung with
changed sometimes,
the ones cruisin' by changed,
the favorite spot changed now and then too,
sometimes even the town ya hung in changed,
but it was really always the same ole thing...


We were just Jersey teens,
we were just being Jersey teenagers,
we were just...Jersey hanging out.


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