Shades Of Blue

Soul Poetry

My mind is tinted in lurid sapphire,

darkened by the fates,

and impenetrable of light.

Thoughts are hued in cobalt,

somewhere in the middle of the chart,

and unsure of my worthiness.

Azure moments, pass before me,

fleeting in their stay,

for too soon, do they fade to drab.

Dreams are stilted, monochromatic,

in black and white versions

of cerulean memories.

Midnight looms on each horizon,

impeding all illuminated

pigments of hope.

I long for periwinkle laughter,

light and airy and inobstrusive,

so seemingly non-challant.

The undertones of all my reality,

hightens the steelgray gradations,

of all I've come to know.

I covet the fervent saturation

of un-tinted iridescence,

to cover my soul in a turquoise balm.

I crave for this indigo atmosphere,

to fade into oblivious obscurity,

and give me the serenity, of a pastel life.

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