Through An Open Window


Noises of a neighborhood,

a fast car driving by.

A billowing breeze wafting in

that makes the curtains fly.

Chirping little birds

the busy, buzzing bees.

The soft rustling whisper

of lightly swaying trees.

Sunlight pouring in

warming up the room.

Evening coolness, so refreshing

the bright glow of the moon.

The sweet smell of a summer rain

intertwining with flowery air.

In the distance, ever so faintly

a far-off siren's blare.

Little children laughing

while they play about.

The scent of grilling foods

from the nextdoor neighbor's cookout.

A tell-tale little noise of a bell

that the ice cream man is ringing.

The splashing of a sparrow

in the birdbath while she's singing.

Through an open window

the world is close at hand.

But if you always keep it closed

life becomes so bland.

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