Desert Camouflage


Madman's regime-

his own people victims

of his tyrany and oppression.

The world-

each country written in blood

on his checklist of mass destruction,

His goal-

to attack, with terroristic warfare,

checking off

one by one, those who he feels

stand in his way.


with 'Hitler-mindset'

so full of hate-

peace can't be seen in evil eyes

that only see himself

on the throne of mankind.

Fooling many-

they refuse to take notice,

refuse to admit

that this manical man

has only one agenda-


Covers his deadly tracks

beneath the sand

using women and children as barriers

to shield the way

for his army of cowards.

Those who look closely

can see the bloodlust within' his eyes-

those who don't are only fooled

by his desert camouflage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written:03-27-03...and thank GOD, that madman is gone now, never to hurt another again...

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